On repeat


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What a beauty. Never get tired of watching this, such elegance and great skill.


Opening night – almost here!


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Photo 24-06-2013 12 50 46 PMPhoto 24-06-2013 01 34 53 PMAnd finally, after all the sweat and long hours at the studios, and of course with an addition of a lot of moaning and whining, all the hard work is paying off and our final exhibition is just round the corner. With only a few finishing touches left, we are all set and ready to enjoy tomorrow evening! 🙂

Behind the scenes of ‘Revolution 2013 – the final show’

Sneak peak


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A sneak peak from my latest project: my dissertation project work. Working with gestural drawing technique, tracing a video of a dancer performing onto a 8m long corridor wall. Will be part of an exhibition to be held in the coming weeks. IMG_0051

Video Portfolio


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As a task from our module in Digital Identity, we were asked to create a video portfolio of our work. i created this using mostly photographs and drawings i have produced in the last few months. The human body and its different states and conditions inspire my work. Any sort of sport and action motivates me. This is why I work with combining my interest in art with my interest in sports. I also use a wide variety of media such as drawing, photography, video/projection and airbrushing.


Viral exercise – Digital painting


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as an exercise for our digital module, we were asked to produced an artwork which has the potential to go viral. After reading several articles – and gaining an understanding of what this really means, we started brain storming individually.

we ended up working as a whole class on creating a parody from a parody video which had gone viral a few weeks before. this was a great success and our attempt actually did go viral. however before we decided to work on this project as a whole class, i had initially started working on something else myself. i was inspired by illustrator Oscar Ramos’s project in which he depicted a battle between healthy objects and unhealthy objects in a fun manner using digital painting. (

i was inspired to create some thing similar but never got around to finish it off due to other deadlines. this is how its coming along so far, will hopefully find time to finish it soon. IMG_0025 viral

Six hours of sanding and countless hours of drawing!


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8515_378795105570376_1300584726_nExhibition is approaching, few weeks left, therefore i had to begin sanding my wall. i intend on rendering a large scale gestural figure drawing on this wall using black ink and large paint brushes to enhance the movement.

Glad to say that day one is over – six whole hours of sanding, my hands are sore and still feel numb! i guess theres a lot of more moaning left to go 😛 next step involves plastering the wall and later on painting the base coat.

Apart from this, a deadline due today, our drawing deadline. i depicted a sequence of a movement on separate papers, each 100 by 70cm large, using chalk pastels. i chose to render the figure in detail only blurring certain parts of the body which where producing the movement, such as hands and feet. i’m pleased with the results but still believe that more work could have gone into them (as always).
IMG_0059 copy

A review by local artist Sarah Maria Scicluna.


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Upon looking at Sarah Mifsud’s work, it is very clear that her main interest is the human body. Not just any thing though but her main points of focus lie in the movements it produces. In fact, even upon a quick look at her work it is very noticeable that she does not give any form of importance to colour at all, but rather focuses solely on line and movement. Be it the very obvious movement in athletic activities, or even the subtle movements within the fabric in her project FAT.

Something which I find extremely interesting is the recurrence of multiples. She uses multiples as a way to further portray movement. In a particular work [Untitled, airbrush on wood panel, 180cm], the copied image of the body fills the entire panel creating a sort of pin-wheel illusion. As if emerging from the middle, different body parts along with genitals come out in an outward explosion. In its shape, cold colours and over all composition, this work reminds me of the cathedral rose windows, however instead of depicting saints and angels, depicting only bodies. In my opinion, this becomes even more interesting due to the fact that the body is considered as the most worldly, as in being the farthest from the holy. It transforms the ‘cathedral window’ into almost an ‘unholy’ one, representing the basest of intentions, and glorifying humanity.

382406_246869172096304_2012707198_n copy

A personal favourite are the digital manipulations series which further explore movement and multiples in the same manner. The works can almost be parts of wallpaper, since they are so delicately composed in linear patterns. The palette chosen is extremely neutral, making them not just personal favourites, but also places further emphasis on form and shape.




Chalk or pencil?


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975436_374514095998477_213276271_n I’m currently working on a series of drawings similar to these images. i just produced the line drawings for each, but i’m indecisive on whether i should shade in pencils (top image) or chalk pastels (bottom image).

Any suggestions?