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A few months ago, i worked on producing linear gestural drawings, which from feedback received, where thought to be the most effective method of capturing movement, when compared to experiments made with photographs, detailed drawings and mono-prints. The process to produce these linear drawings was very interesting due to the fact that a lot of movement was produced by myself as the artist; a topic which i have recently researched in my dissertation, where i explore the relationship between the movement made by the dancer and the movement made by the artist.

I started by downloading videos of dancers performing, projecting one video in slow motion onto a long paper and as the dancer performed, i traced her/his movement. Numerous experiments were produced both using charcoal and ink; ink seemed to work best as it was more fluent.

This is a project i want to develop in the coming weeks, this time, going larger in scale and also focus on recording myself in the process of producing these art works. This process will be presented along with my art piece.


test piece 1