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Apart from working on my thesis work, we were assigned an assignment project titled ‘Inconsistent’; inconsistency in one’s work. Therefore i chose to work with the theme of ‘Fat” due to the fact that i always sought to depict the moving body in my work, so this time, i tackled the opposite of this; the fat and the static.

I believe that in our society nowadays fat and overweight has become a big issue which is ignored and not acted upon. People seem to be taking they’re health for-granted. On this note, I aim to bring awareness to the viewer with this project.

The video below is a documentation of the process which took place in order to produce an interactive installation. i produced a drawing and projected it onto the viewer, each individual would enter the area, covered in a white sheet and stand in front of the projection. Opposite the viewer stood a mirror for the viewer to see himself/herself in. The reactions of several viewers were all recorded and it was interesting to see the shock present. It was a good experience overall and intend on working with projection and video for future projects.

FAT from sarah mifsud on Vimeo.