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NIKE CHOSEN – BEHIND THE SCENES – DANNY KASS from Nike Snowboarding on Vimeo.

I could honestly spend hours, possibly days watching these videos. The crews, the athletes, the different crafts, the dedication, the equipment, the scenery, it’s just BRILLIANT. Yes this would probably be a dream come true to work for sport brands such as Nike and get to work with and meet these inspiring people.

We’ve always thought of our ‘dream job’ and now since i finish school in less than a month the famous question of what will i do next keeps haunting me. but what do i really want to do? What can i realistically do? hah funny question it seems. Step by step maybe i’ll get there.

I guess people tell you to aim high and dream big, maybe one day you’ll reach your goals. Well, at the end of the day i guess theres no harm in doing so, but most of all work your ass off MAYBE this dream actually comes true.