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8515_378795105570376_1300584726_nExhibition is approaching, few weeks left, therefore i had to begin sanding my wall. i intend on rendering a large scale gestural figure drawing on this wall using black ink and large paint brushes to enhance the movement.

Glad to say that day one is over – six whole hours of sanding, my hands are sore and still feel numb! i guess theres a lot of more moaning left to go đŸ˜› next step involves plastering the wall and later on painting the base coat.

Apart from this, a deadline due today, our drawing deadline. i depicted a sequence of a movement on separate papers, each 100 by 70cm large, using chalk pastels. i chose to render the figure in detail only blurring certain parts of the body which where producing the movement, such as hands and feet. i’m pleased with the results but still believe that more work could have gone into them (as always).
IMG_0059 copy