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as an exercise for our digital module, we were asked to produced an artwork which has the potential to go viral. After reading several articles – and gaining an understanding of what this really means, we started brain storming individually.

we ended up working as a whole class on creating a parody from a parody video which had gone viral a few weeks before. this was a great success and our attempt actually did go viral. however before we decided to work on this project as a whole class, i had initially started working on something else myself. i was inspired by illustrator Oscar Ramos’s project in which he depicted a battle between healthy objects and unhealthy objects in a fun manner using digital painting. (http://www.behance.net/gallery/Choose-to-live-healthy/5857851)

i was inspired to create some thing similar but never got around to finish it off due to other deadlines. this is how its coming along so far, will hopefully find time to finish it soon. IMG_0025 viral