I’m stuck and not convinced. What to do next?


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As i previously mentioned, i’ve been working on a body of work which consists of drawings. i finished this drawing in pencil where i tried to get a combination of the detail present in the tense parts of the body and the blur present in the parts of the figure which seem to be moving most. i defiantly prefer the pencil to the chalk pastels used in previous experiments, but i’m not fully convinced with the result.

975436_374514095998477_213276271_ni’m stuck and i hate this feeling. i guess my next step would be to try an other experiment maybe with a different pose, or possibly go back to depicting a sequence, as shown below, this time using pencil. _MG_0003 copy


More drawings in the making


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I am working on an other drawing at the moment, similar to my previous experiments i produced using chalk and charcoal. This time i am using pencils as i did not like the effect the chalk created. I believe the pencil gives a more subtle feel which works well with the figure.

20130518-115355 AM.jpg

Surveys – Part two.


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Dissertation finally coming together 🙂

I just sent out the second part to my surveys, where this time, in contrast to the first part, i used my own work (produced from the techniques resulting in the first survey). these works consisted of a gestural drawing and a sequential photograph. the participant is asked the same questions that where asked in the first set, but this time, in addition, the participant must write the reason for his/her selection. this will allow me to have a better understanding of the reasoning behind results i will receive and draw better conclusions.

Below are images of the two works that the viewer will select from for each of the thirteen questions, which are divided into Emotional Response, Visual Response and Logical Response.

cropped-img_0025-copy.jpg _MG_0072

First time real life nude drawings


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20130515-093706 PM.jpg

20130515-093714 PM.jpg

20130515-093724 PM.jpg

20130515-093732 PM.jpg

20130515-093741 PM.jpg

20130515-093751 PM.jpg
Our lecturer has finally managed to get us a model to pose nude for some drawing lessons (better late than never!)
These are my first attempts, each pose was either 45mins or 10mins long. Interesting experience, defiantly need more practice as i found it difficult since i am used to drawing from photographs other than real life.

Mentally and physically drained – 14th June please hurry up!


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Things seem to be coming together finally, slowly, slowly. Here are some more experiments produced for my dissertation body of work, depicting movement through sequential photographs.

_MG_0023j _MG_0064 _MG_0096 _MG_0112

Tracing gestures.


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“Dancers throw themselves with spirals and a variety of rolls. At unexpected timings, dancers fill the canvas with a series of scribbles, streaks, lines and loops on the floor with paint of black, yellow, red, green and blue that is on their backs, feet and mittens. Ultimately, actions of painting and movements are melted into choreography, which arrive at a tangible picture, like a photo taken to capture a temporal moment.” (Christopher Moa, 2007)

Shen Wei is an artist which i have research throughout my dissertation. Very interesting work and brilliant way of tracing the body’s movement by using the body itself as a medium while performing.

Working on an other experiment


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_MG_0042Since i’ve been working on producing a body of work consisting of sequential photographs for my dissertation project work, here i created an other photo manipulation inspired by the work of Etienne-Jules Marey’s work. This time experimenting with different opacities and also black and white.

Exciting future, isn’t it?


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NIKE CHOSEN – BEHIND THE SCENES – DANNY KASS from Nike Snowboarding on Vimeo.

I could honestly spend hours, possibly days watching these videos. The crews, the athletes, the different crafts, the dedication, the equipment, the scenery, it’s just BRILLIANT. Yes this would probably be a dream come true to work for sport brands such as Nike and get to work with and meet these inspiring people.

We’ve always thought of our ‘dream job’ and now since i finish school in less than a month the famous question of what will i do next keeps haunting me. but what do i really want to do? What can i realistically do? hah funny question it seems. Step by step maybe i’ll get there.

I guess people tell you to aim high and dream big, maybe one day you’ll reach your goals. Well, at the end of the day i guess theres no harm in doing so, but most of all work your ass off MAYBE this dream actually comes true.