Artist Statement 2013

The human body and its different states and conditions inspire my work. Any sort of sport and action motivates me. This is why I work with combining my interest in art with my interest in sports. I use a wide variety of media such as drawing, photography, video/projection and airbrushing.

945245_10151474403898099_865722836_nThis piece presents movement as perceived from different perspectives. The work revolves around a sequence of motion, beginning from tracing a dancer’s movement from a video, which is translated through a gestural drawing presented in a linear manner. Alongside this the artist’s gestures are presented by filming a close up of the artist’s hand while producing the drawing itself. In addition, through this piece, the viewer is invited to interact in the act of producing movement due to the site this piece was produced in, a long corridor, which enables the viewer to move from one end to the other.


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